Personalised Choreographies

My name is Olga Warda. I have been actively competing in different bellydance competitions since 2007. I remember my first ever competition in Duisburg at Bellydancer of the world. I took a train and travel for 14 hours telling to myself every minute of the journey: What am I doing? Surprisingly I won the first place with my Gypsy dance in the category of folklore. That gave me courage to continue in this directions. I have taken part in many competitions in Austria, Greece, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden. Many times I won, I failed couple of times but never gave up. Now I am invited as a judge and I can assess the whole process from both sides.

I can help you to achieve the best results.

I love making choreographies. I have been doing it for 15 years. For me it is a journey to the unknown world where beauty, magic and emotions are waiting to be discovered. I want to take you on this journey and create something unique for you.

There is no traveling involve!!!

Stay at a comfort of your home!!!

First we will have an online face to face meeting to discuss the style, imagery, music and costumes.

Then  I will prepare a teaching video including the full dance.

While practising you will send me videos of yourself so I can provide help and advice to perfect your dance.

The choreography will be adjusted to the your  technical level, style and an event you want to perform it.

You can choose from classical and modern styles of bellydance, drum solo , gypsy dance, Arabic flamenco and fusion with props.  


Ready made choreographies

Workshops in your home

We also have workshops available online for dancers who can't make it in person. Each dance comes with a full set of instructional videos as well as one on one Skype instruction to perfect your style. Dance can be used privately or you can purchase a license to perform or teach the dance yourself.
Click on the picture to see my YouTube channel and possible dances or click the link below to email me for more information.